I’m Back!

SpiritMatters is BACK. 

7-week programs for church growth and community connection and spiritual transformation!

I am so happy to be offering these amazing programs once again. Recently I have been fortunate to return to several local San Francisco Bay Area churches as a Sunday Guest Speaker. What a blessing and what fun to get back to speaking regularly and connecting with three different communities of faith. I can see the enormous value these programs offer to churches of all sizes and models. Specifically in churches without a minster, where leadership rests entirely in the Board and there are different guest speakers each week, the lack of continuity is evident in sporadic Sunday attendance and sometimes a lack of a strong volunteer base 

The small study groups combined with a series of Sunday messages based on coherent themes gives a church-wide momentum that can pave the way for more volunteers and a financial commitment program. (Pledge- yikes I said it!) People who are feeling connected, who have experienced deep growth in their spiritual lives and who see the values of their church are more willing to contribute of their time and talent and also there treasure.

I am excited about this new program that I’ve put together for you. AWAKEN to the Power of Consciousness
is based on a new book just out and a bestseller. The Four Sacred Secrets. The authors are my teachers from India and I was able to review the book pre-publication to put together this amazing 7-week program.The topics are extraordinary, starting with Live with a Spiritual Vision.  AWAKEN to the Power of Consciousness is perfect program anytime, but imagine using this as a New Year 7- week program. Create a Spiritual Vision for your ministry as well as inviting your members to set their intentions and set a spiritual vision for every area of their lives. 

My website is now out, the Program is ready almost ready to send out, and I am offering a discounted Pre-Launch Price of only $500 to any sized church. Regular prices are scaled based on the average Sunday attendance of the church.
Recently my Sunday message was Live with a Spiritual Vision at a Unity Church. I will share some of that message in my next News blurb. I found a great Charles Fillmore Definition in Revealing Word that lined right up with the theme. I love the meeting and integration of the old and the new as we live our spirituality every moment of every day in all our relationships.