As a minister, I know creating great courses takes focused time and energy.

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7-Week Spiritual Growth Programs

Developed by Rev. Dr. Patricia Keel

Years ago at a New Thought Church Growth and Development Conference, Keynote Speaker, and Unity Minister Rev. Howard Caesar spoke about the powerful “fields” of energy that we create in our ministries. The “field” of each ministry is experienced as the welcome, the message, the honoring, the sacred spaces that we create on Sunday morning, and throughout the week in our activities of ministry. The “field” is expanded as our members take this same loving and sacred energy into their daily lives, into their homes, and out into the world. This “field” is literally a vibration, an energy that is created by our intentions, our thoughts, and our specific visions for who and what we are about. Most of us would agree that we are about the business of God’s work, as we inspire, empower, teach, listen, love and serve in our churches and centers.

Creating the “sacred field” begins in our hearts and minds, with our Boards, and key leaders. The next step is to take concrete action to plant the seeds and empower our leaders to expand this sacred consciousness. We hear about the new paradigms of leadership, “everyone is a minister,” small group ministry – all these great ideas – yet, sometimes the task seems too large, almost overwhelming, and we don’t know where or how to begin.

There is a model that has been used successfully in Unity Churches, Centers for Spiritual Living and other churches for decades. The 7-Week Spiritual Growth Program is often called Adventures in Faith. These church-wide programs focus on an overall Program Theme, with seven weekly themes taught from the platform. Beginning with a sacred prayer vigil or special launch, the program can be expanded to include a special music theme, banners or colorful decorations in the sanctuary, weekly testimonials, and most importantly, weekly in-home spiritual study groups. Each 7-week program is anchored in a book which is the focus for the in-home group study and the 7 Sunday lessons. Training is provided for the study group facilitators and ideally the coordination and leadership comes from within the community.

In addition to seeding the field for small group ministry, these 7-week spiritual growth programs offer a financial commitment component that may be integrated into the Sunday experience. For many ministries, asking for money is a stretch. Jesus told us to “Ask, Seek, Knock” yet in the area of money energy we often fall into limited scarcity consciousness. This program offers a step-by-step model for creating a way to create financial stability through a pledge program in your church. It works; it builds commitment in consciousness at the level of spiritual growth and translates that spiritual commitment into action as financial commitment.

The Purposes of a 7-Week Spiritual Growth Program

What can these programs do for you?

  1. To teach Truth principles for practical daily living
  2. To create a spiritual experience in community
  3. To generate enthusiasm for the subject in each individual – going deeper
  4. To generate enthusiasm within the church community – going wider
  5. To create opportunities for people to interact in small groups which are focused on spiritual topics and which bring spiritual teaching into daily life experiences
  6. To create continuity in the Sunday Service from week to week:
    -Integrated themes, music, meditations, study groups
    -Optional weekly colors, banners, emails, newsletter
  7. To create a desire in people to attend church each week:
    -To hear the message and tie it into the on-going spiritual study
    -To connect with like-minded new friends in their spiritual study group
    -To help with set up, decorations, service table, other volunteer help.
    -To listen to special music and or participate in a special activity(drumming, bell choir, harp, horns, vocalists, reconciliation service, new member baptism, celebration, taking slides or photos, etc.)
  8. To provide opportunities and training for service and leadership to:
    -Program Coordinator – training & mentoring from consultant, How To Manual
    -Steering committee – training by coordinator, written guidelines
    -Facilitators of study groups – Facilitator Training Manual, guidelines, follow up
    -Pledge Team – asking for money, Faith in Action Manual guidelines, scripts for calls
    -Sunday Service Table Team – specific duties each week – interactive team
    -Other teams and activities – decorations, celebrations, prayer vigil

Benefits of the SpiritMatters 7-Week Spiritual Growth Program Packages

Don’t reinvent the wheel!
This program package has been tried and it works.
It will give your church the form and structure to create a successful program
this year, and for years to come.

Theme Based Program materials are available online so that your ministry can download and customize to integrate in your bulletin or online formats. -All the materials you will need for program logo, weekly study questions, sign-up sheets, newsletter articles, pledge cards, envelopes, letterhead, and more – designed and integrated with a simple logo.

  • Increase and stabilize Sunday attendance
  • Empower and train lay leadership
  • Raise consciousness and funds in your church
  • Grow your Small Group Ministry
  • Create a solid foundation for a yearly 7-week focus

This program is spiritually based, dynamic and offers many opportunities for creativity:

  • Provides a model for organizing volunteer teams
  • Provides a step-by-step model for integrating a financial commitment program into your ministry
  • Provides an overall structure for 7 weeks that allows freedom for the minister, while encouraging and engaging volunteer participation and leadership
  • Provides a model for training small group facilitators
  • Provides a simple model for structuring small group meetings


List of 7-week SpiritMatters Programs

AWAKEN To The Power of Consciousness The Four Sacred Secrets Preethaji and Krishnaji
The Energy of Positive Prayer Handbook of Positive Prayer Rev. Hypatia Hasbrouk
Make Me an Instrument Love Never Faileth Eknath Easwaren
Powerful Beyond Measure 7 Spiritual Laws of Success Deepak Chopra
Walking the Light The Ways of the Mystic: 7 Paths to God Joan Borysenko
Journey into the Mystery How To Know God Deepak Chopra
Power of Now Practicing the Power of Now Eckhart Tolle
Living The Creative Life The Creative Life Rev. Eric Butterworth
Practicing the Presence Claim Your Spiritual Power (23 Psalm) Ron Roth
How Then Shall We Live How Then Shall We Live Wayne Muller
Sabbath Sabbath Wayne Muller
Heaven on Earth The Lord’s Prayer Wayne Muller
Wake Up Your Wisdom Wake Up Your Wisdom Aman Motwane
The Path of Freedom The 4 Agreements Don Miguel Ruiz

About Rev.Dr. Patricia Keel

Rev. Dr. Patricia Keel retired in early 2011 as the Founding Minister of Unity of Berkeley, a community of creative and eclectic spiritual enthusiasts. Patricia pioneered/founded the church in 2001, inspired by her doctoral study of the great women mystics; in particular Hildegard von Bingen. Her intention was to create a spiritual community built on the principles of Unity and New Thought – that honored the creative artist in each person as well as the wisdom teachings of all the major world traditions.

Patricia’s first church was Unity in Marin, with Rev. Richard Mantei. There she became a LUT Licensed Unity Teacher in 1995. From 1995-1999 she worked as the Development Director at Unity Palo Alto Community Church and organized four annual 7-week programs including a Faith in Action Pledge Drive for $750,000 in her first year. She was the organizer for Unity in Marin’s Capital Campaign which raised $1Million in pledges for their new church home in Novato.

Rev. Patricia was ordained a Unity MInister through Unity’s Field Licensing Program and has a Doctor of Ministry degree from Matthew Fox’s University of Creation Spirituality, now known as Wisdom University. Her doctoral project was based on bringing the Art as Meditation focus of Creation Spirituality into Unity churches with a dynamic 7-week program series called Living The Creative Life, based on Eric Butterworth’s book. That wonderful program is available as a 7 week program on her current website. Patricia has been creating curriculum for over 130 churches since 1995 as Founder of SpiritMatters, a church growth program company.

Since retiring in January, 2011 from her role as Founding Minister at Unity of Berkeley Patricia has been traveling to India many times to participate in courses, trainings and deepening processes at O&O Academy, formerly Oneness University, a philosophy and meditation school in southern India.

Her travels to India began in March 2006. In January, 2010 IMG_1466was initiated as a Certified Oneness Trainer and January 2014 as an Advanced Oneness Trainer and Sacred Chambers Facilitator. She took travel groups to courses in 2013, 2014, 2015, and in the fall of 2015 and winter of 2016. One group in June 2013 was 53 ministers and key leaders from New Thought churches across the United States. She continues to travel to O&O Academy and is currently a certified as a
One Consciousness Transformer, teaching The Beautiful State Course throughout the US.

Currently Rev. Patricia enjoys Sunday speaking and offering workshops at Unity and New Thought Churches, teaching classes online as well as live, and offering spiritual coaching and mentoring through


New Program 2020!

Awaken To The Power of Consciousness launches Fall 2019 for a special introductory price of $500. Launch Price is available for this program only through December 31st.

Get 7 weekly themes for Sundays and small group gatherings and, available for this course only, 49 quote memes suitable to text or email based on weekly themes!

What You’ll Receive

  • Weekly study questions
  • How To Manual
  • Facilitator Training Manual
  • Faith in Action Pledge Program Manual
  • Customizable program files in Microsoft Word
  • One hour phone consultation with Patricia Keel

Notes from Patricia