Awakening Higher Consciousness

  • 7 Sunday Themes for Minister’s Lesson
  • Applying Spiritual Principles to Daily Living
  • Meditation and Prayer Practices
  • Prayerful Event Launch

Building Connection in Community

  • Lay leaders and volunteers manage program
  • 7-week small group book study lessons
  • Training for small group facilitators
  • Celebration Event to Close Program

Conscious Wealth Creation

  • Focus on sustained financial resources in your ministry
  • Conscious connection to spiritual principles
  • Impact both individual and the ministry.growth
  • Pledge Commitment Program (optional)


Featured 7-Week Programs

Praise from Leadership

Unity Minister

New leadership is developed…The subjects and weekly themes were clear and meaningful, the in-home study group questions stimulated lots of interaction and discussion…There is a new willingness to support the community financially…The program has a tremendously good energetic feeling – the banners, the colors, everything WORKS!

Board Member

The whole program has been very touching and unifying. It’s forcing growth on the church at levels where people may have not suspected we needed it… Many of us have been surprised at the effect of meditating on the Prayer of St Francis as a church for a number of weeks.

Participants’ Experience

An opportunity to come together in an intimate setting to discuss and share in a deep way, issues that we rarely take time for in daily life.  Great nourishment for the soul and the heart to spend time with like-minded others.  An opportunity to build a true church community beyond the superficial and merely social.

The greatest value to me was in building my own commitment to community and doing the same collectively. . . building trust and connection to deeper spiritual advancement. . . learning to let go of judgment and opening the heart more. . . feeling supported by Spirit

An opportunity to live in the flow of community. . . to build a higher sense of inclusion and connection. . . a chance to practice love and allow self to be loved.