SpiritMatters Meditation

  • Meditation and Prayer Practices weekly
  • Ignite the Divine Feminine within
  • Applying Spiritual Principles to Daily Living
  • Awakening Higher Consciousness
  • Spiritual, not religious – All Are Welcome

Spiritual Growth Programs

  • Monthly Focus and Classes based on books
  • Small group connections
  • Weekly discussions online
  • Virtual and In-person Retreats

7 Portals of the Divine Feminine

  • Deepening each woman’s connection to the Divine
  • Conscious awareness through the subtle body
  • Discover the Mystic Triangle
  • Chakras, Kundalini, Yantra, Mantra


Upcoming Programs

Praise from clients

Spiritual Coaching Client

Before I started working with Patricia I was energetically scattered.  Not really focused on what I wanted and how to go about getting focused. No clarity. There wasn’t anything difficult for me because I was ready to make changes in my life.  If I had continued down the same path the confusion and non-clarity would have not changed. Q.Gove

Participant in the Karma Class

My biggest insight was how all my actions and beliefs came down from my family going back to great grandparents.  The same patterns of how I react to each action, to choosing a mate, my stubbornness and so many more traits.  N. Anderson

Participants’ Experience

 I was depressed and just wanted to give up altogether because I had gone through two really bad experiences at work over the last 2 years.  I was tired and I thought maybe I was just done.  But then you showed up at exactly the right time and helped me tremendously.  I got so much clarity from you and from the course.  I am so grateful to you for all the help you gave me at that time.  Your timing was impeccable! Anyway, I was just thinking about how things have changed over the last few months and remembering how much you helped me get through a really dark time.  I can’t thank you enough. 

The greatest value to me was in building my own commitment to community and doing the same collectively. . . building trust and connection to deeper spiritual advancement. . . learning to let go of judgment and opening the heart more. . . feeling supported by Spirit

I wanted to say a big and major thank you for the course. I have a much deeper understanding of how life works now, not to mention I feel more peaceful, energized and happier overall…. the material was very profound and wide ranging, and the way you transmitted it was very effective from my perspective, in a non-judgemental and enlightening way. I also didn’t share my Yantra experience – that was something else! I literally felt like I was floating around the universe at one point, visiting different galaxies, life forms and energies!